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Fat Bikes at Mt Stirling 


Experience the latest in snow sports activities with Fat Bikes! 

Mt Stirling has committed to allowing the use of Fat Bikes every weekend (depending on snow conditions).  Combined with the ability to hire bikes (via an online booking system) from Telephone Box Junction and you have one of the newest forms of snow-sports right here at Mt Stirling, so come on over and give it a go!

Fat Bike Use on Mt Stirling – Conditions

  • Winter Fat Biking is available on Saturday & Sunday only at Telephone Box Junction, Mt Stirling, if conditions permit.

  • Fat Bikers should first check the Mt Stirling website for up to date Fat Biking availability and conditions. If further information is required please contact Mt Stirling Ski Patrol on 03 5777 6532.

  • Trails available for the use of Fat Bikes will be determined by the Mt Stirling Ski Patrol. Any other additional areas may be offered at the discretion of the Ski Patrol Director.

  • Fat Bike users will be permitted to undertake the activity from 9:00am to 4:00pm on each Saturday and Sunday of permitted use.

  • Fat Bike users will be required to check in with the Ski Patrol Director at TBJ to identify which part of the Mt Stirling Resort trail network is available for use on each permitted day of use.

  • Fat Bikes used on Mt Stirling must have a minimum tyre tread width of 9.7cm.

  • A Resort Entry fee must be paid for those visitors entering the Resort with Fat Bikes to undertake the activity on set days. Resort Entry shall be made aware of the Trial so that vehicles with Fat Bikes are permitted through the Resort Entry Gate.

  • The activity may be stopped at any time at the discretion of the Ski Patrol Director.

  • Riders must supply their own bikes and helmets.

  • Winter Fat Biking is suited to good intermediate riders.

IMBA Fat Bike Best Practices

When riding at Mt Stirling in winter, please follow the following best practices. 

  • Only ride at ski areas that allow and encourage biking

  • Give way to ALL OTHER USERS when riding

  • Ride on the firmest part of the track

  • DO NOT RIDE on or in classic (set) tracks

  • Leave room for other users to pass (don’t ride side to side)

  • Allow the track time to set up after grooming and before riding

  • Respect alternate use days for bikers and skiers (where applicable)

  • Some areas require riding only a purpose built fat bike, not any mountain bike. Minimum tyre tread widths may be set.

  • Be an ambassador of the sport: stay polite, educate, discourage bad behaviour, follow the rules

  • Consider donating money for snow grooming

  • Be prepared: be self-sufficient


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