Snow Camping

Truly immerse yourself in the alpine experience and try snow camping. Camping spots are located at the Cricket Pitch, Hut 36, the Bluff Spurr area and around the Summit at Mt Stirling. There are other areas that are suitable for camping within the Alpine National Park, which are accessible via the Circuit Road.

Set off on your own or join a tour and leave all of the responsibilities to an experienced camp leader. A range of camping programs are available for beginners through to advanced skiers and snowboarders, requiring varying levels of aerobic fitness.

Several areas are well-suited to snow camping on Mt Stirling. Toilet facilities are located around the mountain for your convenience, however drinking water is not usually available. Where drinking water is available it should not be relied upon due to likelihood of freezing. Areas suited to camping within the resort include the Cricket Pitch, the Bluff Spur Hut area and the top of Dugout Bowl at the summit.

Caution: Camping in the vicinity of Alpine Ash trees is extremely hazardous and not recommended due to the risk of falling limbs. All campers are advised only to camp in areas surrounded by snowgums or around the summit area. There are no camping areas surrounded by Alpine Ash that are considered safe by Mt Stirling Ski Patrol, despite the current availability of hut facilities.

Other areas close to Mt Stirling suitable for camping include the Pineapple Flat and King Hut in the Alpine National Park, which are accessible via the Circuit Road. Access is via the Circuit Rd that is often covered by snow, but regardless of snow cover remains closed for the duration of the winter season.

Click here to check out guidelines for camping in the Australian Alps.


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